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Web Project Group Company

About company

Web Project Group" company has been working in the sphere of search engine optimization, website creation and promotion since 2008. Since start we have achieved a lot with our clients, due to the fact that our company is a close-knit team of like-minded people. The basis of the team was the backbone of professionals who have long worked in the field of website creation and promotion, as well as related areas. That is the key to the success of the company "Web Project Group" in its field, that is why we have so many grateful customers. Clients, who consider a site only as an indispensable attribute of prestige, with our help have received effective business mechanisms for promotion of their business and in the Internet sphere.

The following specialists will work on your project.

Personal manager

From the moment you start working with us, you will be assigned a personal manager who will deal with your questions and tasks. The manager is aware of all the information on the progress of work on your project, he is responsible for the allocation of tasks and monitors the progress of their implementation.

SEO specialists

Responsible for promoting your site on the Internet. Tasks to fine-tune or fix technical factors of the site, order texts on landing pages, monitor user activity and much more


Responsible for implementing technical aspects on your site, support and troubleshooting, as well as checking systems for errors

Content managers (including copywriters) are engaged in writing texts optimised for search engines, display and edit them on your site

The company "Web Project Group" specializes in client SEO, creation, support and maintenance of websites and web applications. Our website https://webproject.group

Our team consists of 15 members, (SEO experts, designers, copywriters, content managers, programmers, customer support, customer service department).

At this stage, given the available capacity, our company is using 35% of its full load and we will definitely try to scale the company either through outsourcing or entering the SEO market as an independent company. Will be glad to cooperate and offer you our resources to serve customers in the development, support, SEO optimization and promotion of sites in the organic search engines, as well as the development of mobile solutions of various complexity.

Our latest developments for internal use:

1. client's personal account https://lk.webproject.group

Developed in late 2019 personal cabinet for our clients, helped reduce the number of calls to technical support by 80% and the time to solve problems by 60% due to quick access to online communication with the

manager, the generator of reports and statistical information.

2. CRM Teamer https://teamer.webproject.group

Helps our customers to be aware of all project works. Our employees - executors and clients work together in the system, which eliminates the barrier of client-manager-executor and increases the speed of solving tasks by 60%. A detailed description of the system is available at https://webproject.group/blog/help/novyy-servis-dlya-nashih-klientov-25.

Our other projects:

Widget for uploading products to social networks https://widget.dpl-storage.ru

A system for automated social networking product upload from suppliers' websites for organizers of cooperative purchases. Supports automatic price updates in uploaded albums and notifications of new products.

And many other works you can see at https://webproject.group/cases

The technologies we use:

Languages and frameworks: PHP 7.4, JS, CSS, SQL, HTML, Javascript, Typescript, NodeJS ExpressJs, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, ReactJs, Laravel, CakePHP, SLIM, YII, jQuery

Technologies: Google/Yandex/VK API, Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL, Sphinx, ElasticSearch

CMS: 1C-Bitrix, WordPress, Joomla!, MODX, Opencart, Drupal, UMI.CMS, NetCat, HostCMS, DIAFAN.CMS, Shop-Script, AMIRO.CMS

Promotion of sites

Conclusion site in the top 10 search engines

SEO promotion

Promotion by region

Your site will be known all over the country by promoting on regional subdomains and assigning regions

Website Creation

Creating modern, fast and functional sites

Create online stores

E-shops with shopping cart, checkout, notification and admin panel

Landing Page Creation

Easy advertising page describing the product strengths

WEB Applications Creation

Functional browser based application

Corporate website creation

Modern solutions for presenting your company on the Internet

Creating Portals

Multifunctional portals serving a large number of users

Display advertising

Setting up and maintaining advertising campaigns

Contextual advertising

Setting up and maintaining your advertising campaign through the service

Search engine advertising in Google AdWords

Setting up and managing your advertising campaign through the service Google AdWords

What is included in our services?

Media planning

When forming a media plan, we take into account timing, budget, platforms, basis. We carefully plan each item - the price of advertising, the duration, on which sites it will be placed, when it will start and end, that is planned and forecasted every moment.

Setting goals.

This is a setting of specific actions of the user, which will bring our client income. We are true professionals in this area because we know how to set up a quality context and monitor the level of conversions / sales. Our experience exceeds 10 years of success.

Efficiency analytics

With the help of analytics of effectiveness of advertising campaign we define a direction in which there is a basic waste of means. If necessary we switch off ineffective options to reduce client's expenses.

Optimization of ads

Optimization of contextual advertising for the client's website is the primary task of the wizard. Only if pictures and graphics are relevant to the keyword you can bring the context to the first place and reduce the cost per click. You can see the effectiveness of the work we've done / the product we've created thanks to the system.

CTR rate control

CTR (click through rate) is the click-through-rate, the control of which is extremely important. Thanks to its systematic study it is possible to decrease the price per click and monitor the positions of key phrases, which bring the site to the top leaders. You may see budget savings as a result of our actions by means of total site traffic.

Assistance and support

We are available regardless of holidays and weekends 24 hours a day. You can call us at any time by phone or contact us through the online form on the current issue and our manager will provide you with a detailed consultation.

Technical support

Troubleshooting and performance monitoring

Technical support site

Placing and editing information, work on the layout, design and programming

Making mobile versions of the site

Making mobile version or mobile application according to PWA technical support

Redesign of the site

Updating the design of your site to a more beautiful, comfortable and functional version

Site audits

Search and correct errors on the site preventing to get more applications

Technical audit of the site

Analysis of technical aspects and structure of the resource

Audit of usability of the site

Audit of the convenience of the site in terms of the visitor

Audit of the commercial factors of the site

Detailed analysis of factors that may affect the decision of the visitor to make a purchase

What our services include

Analysis and collection of statistical information

Analysis of all incoming traffic and user behavior on the site. Collection of information about the external link mass, monitoring and analysis of the heat maps of the site. Setting goals and forming technical objectives for optimizers.

Creating a semantic core

Creation, selection and clustering of your search queries. Monitoring and analysis of the success of queries, analysis of the frequency of queries. Distribution of semantics on landing pages. 100% uniqueness, 100% "no water"!

Working with technical factors

Duplicates gluing, mirror setting, error handling, robots.txt setting, removing of duplicates, links handling, redirects setting, optimization of dead links and server replies, NC URL setting, and other technical modifications

Internal link optimization

Internal link analysis, creating and adjusting canonical links. Creating and optimizing end-to-end links and searching for and removing cyclic links. Creating and configuring the directives page resource index/follow

Working with Google services

Registration and setting up a site in Google. Registration of text content in the panel of unique texts Google. Analitics. Installing and configuring the system of statistical analytics Google. Analitics

Work with text content

Checking the text content of the site on uniqueness, creation and optimization of landing pages. Writing thematic unique texts, optimization of relevance of text content. Filling the site with product positions.

We can help increase your sales by improving SEO

Wider audience coverage

A targeted approach and targeted selection of users allows you to reach the largest possible audience of users interested in your services or products.

A large share of traffic to the site

Up to 90% of targeted traffic from search engines to your site. Competent seo-optimization and technical support of your website gives the biggest search traffic in the form of your grateful clients.

Sustained results

SEO optimization is a work with the site, a work which is accumulated in the result. Seo improves your site, makes it more comfortable and contributes to an increase in attendance, the target users.

Long term effect.

The result remains for a long period, competent seo optimization allows your site to take its position in search engines and for a long time to bring the target users to the site

Improvement of technical indicators of the site.

Refinement of the functional of the site and writing additional modules, improvement of usability in the use of the site gives a 100% effect of increasing sales.

Increase of overall visibility

Continuous presence of the site in the top 10 search engines, forms the user confidence and consumer demand. It's very important that the user formed the right idea about the necessary services and products.

10 years Promote sites 150+ Satisfied clients 200+ Completed projects 10 000+ Coffee cups

We offer:

Unique design

Beautiful, unique and modern template tailored to your business, taking into account the wishes of you and your customers

Mobile adaptive

Your site will run perfectly on computers, phones and tablets of your visitors.

Modern technologies

The site will be developed in modern and supported programming languages that will not lose relevance in the future

Control panel

Your site will be attached a convenient admin panel through which you can manage orders, users, templates, and more.

High reliability

Your site will run quickly and work 24/7 through competent implementation and placement on a powerful server

Selecting the domain

We can help you find a free website address that suits your theme or brand

Setup for SEO

When developing websites we set them up for SEO, so you can begin promotion immediately


During and after the creation of the site we offer support in all matters of interest to you

Why we are better than others

Comprehensive approach to the development of your resource

All tariffs include a comprehensive promotion, you will not need to look for other specialists on the side, we can solve all your tasks

Guarantee of results

We guarantee and are responsible for the quality of all the work done, which will certainly give the result and will contribute to the growth of the site in search engines. If it turns out that our work does not meet the proper quality, we will do as you say, for free!

Why we are better than others

Improving the conversion, not just the number of visitors

The number of visitors is important, but the number of orders, for every entrepreneur, is even more important. Our work is aimed at increasing the number of sales of your products and services, not only at increasing traffic of your web site

Time saving

Thanks to well-tested technology of our experienced specialists, you do not have to waste your time on unnecessary correspondence and all kinds of coordination. To achieve results, we will apply all their knowledge and tools. Independence and initiative - the qualities that our clients appreciate.

Technical Audit

  • Technical audit is a detailed analysis and verification of all aspects of the resource. It identifies current problems, weaknesses, evaluate the technical component and the structure of the site
  • Analysis of site metrics
  • Analysis of indexed pages
  • Analysis of external links
  • Correction of defects found
  • Order technical audit
  • Usability audit
  • Usability audit is a study that helps to identify problems with the site, resulting in a lack of or insufficient number of requests and calls, a high percentage of rejection or dissatisfaction of customers
  • Definition of target user groups
  • Identification of key usage scenarios for the site
  • Suggestions for increasing the number of targeted actions
  • Fixing the defects found
  • Order usability audit
  • Audit of commercial factors
  • Audit of commercial factors is a detailed analysis of the factors that may affect the decision of the visitor to make a purchase
  • Availability of detailed contact information
  • Promotions, discounts
  • Search by site
  • Correction of defects found
  • Order an audit of commercial factors
  • Comprehensive audit
  • Comprehensive site audit includes verification of all aspects of the resource. It allows you to evaluate the situation as a whole, to identify problems and deficiencies ranging from the technical component to the analysis of visitors.
  • Technical audit
  • Usability audit
  • Audit of commercial factors
  • Correction of deficiencies found


  • What we check during the audit
  • Audit of the site
  • We check more than 100 factors that affect the usability and conversion of the resource:
  • The analysis of the technical component of the site (50 checks)
  • Usability of the site (40 checks)
  • Target-action factor analysis (30 checks)
  • Another 50+ important checks
  • Our specialists are very experienced in working with sites of different themes. They know what to pay attention to when optimizing a resource. What factors positively influence the loyalty of visitors and search engines.




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